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About Us

Aside from our residential clients who want the very best for their vehicles, we also cater to the following corporate services.

Corporate Services



Do you want your business to be professional when your vehicles are on the road? Give your business the look of professionalism with a clean vehicle. 

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What helps sell? A clean car. Who wants to look at a car when it's dirty. Maybe after a long hot dry spell where your vehicles are covered in dust or after a rain storm. How about your loaner vehicles. Do you want to give your customers a dirty car while their vehicle is being serviced? Maybe your customer is looking for the best protection available....we've got you covered!

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Don't you want your customers coming back time and time again. They will when you put them in a clean rental vehicle. This is not only more healthy for the customer, but increases their sense of safety. They will surely come back and rent from you again...and even spread the word on how clean your rental vehicles are.

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Nothing says sanitation like clean. Using our high pressure, hit temperature steam, we are able to clean the inside of your ambulances without the use of harsh chemicals. Using the high pressure hot steam ensures cleanliness by killing the germs that can cause illness. 

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Police Vehicles

As a Chief of Police, don't you want your department to look professional when your patrol vehicles are out on patrol or responding to a call. Looking and being professional increases officer safety and community pride in their police department. Whether you want regular maintenance to keep your cars looking good inside and out or you are gearing up for a parade or other special event. We've got you covered.

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A clean Limousine helps to boost your business. Customers who hire you want to look good for their special occasion. We've got you covered. Whether it be keeping the outside looking great or getting rid of unsightly stains and smells, we will help you achieve that professional look you want for your business.

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